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Outsourcing Your Reagent Test Kit and Assay Kits

Posted by Jon Lipsky on Apr 21, 2015 2:25:00 PM

Choose Your Filter Plate Options!

OEMs in bioscience and biotechnology can often save time, money, and limited resources by outsourcing their microplate and filter plate kit production. Seahorse Bioscience Labware combines short-run production schedules with quick turnaround and on-time delivery for a custom filter plate—48 well plate , 96 well plate, or 384 well plate—that meets your exact specifications. And we can do so whether it is for a reagent test kit or for assay kits.


Seahorse Bioscience Labware offers the following options for your microplate and filter plate requirements:

  • Encapsulate almost any filter media in a large variety of well volumes to optimize your microplate applications
    • Full- and ½-skirt options available
    • Short and long length drip directors
    • Custom powder filling; silica, glass, diatomaceous earth, your own proprietary solids
  • Multiple choices in well numbers, including 48 well plate, 96 well plate, 384 well plate, reservoirs, storage plates, and other plate constructions
  • Custom branding, packaging, labeling or engraving for your completed assay kit


Our U.S.A. fabrication facility is an RNase/DNase free environment, certified ISO 9001:2008, and includes tooling, injection molding, assembly, testing, and quality control under one roof.

With all the options at your fingertips, you’ll receive a unique, proprietary solution for your application to make that next line extension a snap! For an overview of Seahorse BioScience Labware capabilities, download our Optimized Microplate Solutions brochure.

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