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Why Seek a Custom Microplate?

Posted by Jon Lipsky on May 13, 2015 8:57:21 AM

Top 4 Reasons to Get You on the Right Track

Custom fabrication is required any time you cannot obtain exactly what you need. In the world of microplates, the optimum solution to your problem is most likely a variation of products that currently exist in the marketplace. Seahorse Labware has designed its production capability in a modular format, allowing interchange of various components to generate a large matrix of possible product configurations. And, because we are geared to address the custom market, our production runs are relatively short. This approach reduces the time and resources required to produce your new product and it lowers the minimum order commitment quantities.


Top 4 Motivations to Seek a Custom Microplate

  1. Improved performance—new materials are constantly becoming available in the marketplace but might not be in a format that best suits your requirements. An example might be a filter media that works well in small centrifugation tubes that you would like to utilize in a 96 well plate format. Inserting a new filtration media into one of our standard filter microplate formats is a minor procedural change in our manufacturing process. Such flexibility permits continuous quality improvements.
  2. Scale up and scale down—24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well microplate formats provide a standardized approach to miniaturization and, conversely, to a sample volume scale-up schema. While standardization is critical for automated processing equipment, scaling of manual method protocols are also simplified for benchtop approaches.
  3. Assay kit providers focus on a number of microplate-related parameters to differentiate their product from their competitors:
    • Ease of use
      • ID labeling of different plates or columns and rows within plates
      • Barcodes
      • Packaging (plates/kits, kits/box, boxes/case)
      • Brand identity for reordering
    • Right sizing
      • Well volumes that accommodate samples carried over from the previous step or carried to the next step
      • Plate geometries that are compatible with instrumentation
    • Quality
      • Consistent results
      • Consistent availability
  4. Novel applications for microplate formats are continuously being developed as new technologies are enabled. While the possible geometries for injection molding within the ANSI/SLAS microplate standards have some limitations, the universe is very large!

Our U.S.A. fabrication facility is an RNase/DNase free environment, certified ISO 9001:2008, and includes tooling, injection molding, assembly, testing, and quality control under one roof.

With all the options at your fingertips, you’ll receive a unique, proprietary solution for your application to make that next line extension a snap! For an overview of Seahorse BioScience Labware capabilities, download our Optimized Microplate Solutions brochure.

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