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Agilent Launches New 1-Milliliter Microplate

Posted by Steve Fillers on Oct 4, 2017 9:46:19 AM

Three Versions of Popular Microplate Format Are Now Available

We are pleased to announce a new 1-ml microplate designed to optimize performance on all popular liquid handling automated platforms and manual workstations with locators for incubation functionality and/or magnetic separations.

The bottom geometry of the plate easily fits over heating/cooling post arrays designed to fit between the well walls. The design also accommodates a variety of magnet arrays to support bead-based separation assays. This microplate is molded with high purity, medical grade, polypropylene homopolymer in a DNase/RNase free ISO9001 certified environment and is available irradiated or with barcode laser etch-ready white pigment. The plate can be sealed with clear and aluminum heat films or with a variety of adhesive seals.

Steve Fillers, product manager at Agilent, said, “We are excited to respond to customer demand with three versions of this popular microplate format. As more customers incorporate these products into their workflows, we look forward to receiving requests to provide additional variations on this design.”


203426-100 - Storage Plate 96-well 1.0-ml round bot 25/CS

204357-100 irradiated - Storage Plate 96-well 1-ml IRR 25/CS

204392-100 white - Storage Plate 96-well 1-ml White 25/CS

1 ml microplate poised above a thermal transfer locator

Bottom view of the 1 ml microplate revealing the geometry of the well wall construction and the well bottom access







  • Agilent 96-well ultra-high purity polypropylene storage/reaction microplate, 1 ml/round well, round bottoms, 32-mm height, and case of 25.
  • Product Category - Assay/Storage Plates
  • Number of Wells - 96
  • Volume/Well (mls) - 1
  • Quantity per Case - 25
  • Well Shape - round
  • Bottom Shape - round
  • Plate Max (mls) - 96
  • Height (mm) - 32
  • Seals/Lids - 201158-100, 201160-100


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