Optimized Microplate Solutions

Seahorse-Microplate-BrochureYou’re an innovator exploring challenging design concepts to interact with new and existing scientific applications. We bring them to you. Agilent Microplates designs microplate and filter plates to your customized specification, delivering a proprietary solution for your unique application.

Read about our microplate solutions for:

  •        Pharmaceutical and biotech companies
  •        Life science instrument companies
  •        Kit manufacturers

Find your optimized microplate solutions for research and drug discovery. This brochure explores filter plates with options like:

  •        Well volume
  •        Drip detector
  •        Filter membranes
  •        1/2 skirt

Get your copy of the “Optimized Microplate Solutions” brochure now. Learn more about the easy and affordable customization Agilent Microplates can offer you for your next innovative leap into discovery.